The secrets of making a successful campaign without wasting a penny

With consumers making so many barriers to avoid advertising, it became hard for companies to find their way to them. That’s when influencer marketing has become quite popular in the last few years. Influencers has the consumers ears and it has proven its impact to drive sales and raise brand awareness. About 40% of consumers say that they have purchased a product after seeing an influencer promoting it.

A blogmint study indicates that influencer marketing has become a multibillion-dollar industry with each company promotes using an influencer at least once a year.

However, not so many marketers know the perks and strategies of this new type of marketing. Moreover, plenty of marketing campaign fail due to many reasons; fraud and shortage of data are among the most common.

When planning for a marketing campaign, there are many factors that play a role for making a successful one, having a clear strategy of an online marketing campaign is key to success.

Making The Strategy

In Forbes article How To Create A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign listed the steps of the strategy

The first step is to determine your goals, which includes budget, targeted audience, and to consider relative Key Performance Indicators like audience reach, increase in followers, and engagement.

The second step is choosing the right social media channels, as these platforms differ in audience location, demographics, and interests; as well as the type of engagement achieved. For instance, short creative videos might not catch attention on twitter, whereas it might perform better on Instagram. Thereby, your goals will be highly dependent of the platform chosen.

Identifying the ultimate influencer is key. Thus, it is the third and fourth step of this process. When choosing an influencer, always remember to search about them before contacting them. You can do that by checking their profile, making sure they respond politely; have no history of discrimination or harassment, etc. Another important thing to consider is that you should not choose an influencer based on their number of followers, due to the fact that followers can be fake or they have low engagement rate.

To better know about an influencer, try using an influencer’s check website to use the tools of generating reports and identifying both influencer’s and their audience’s interests, demographics, engagement rate, follower’s authenticity, and more. These tools will have a massive impact on your decision, and will make you set an influencer criterion that will work best with your business and goals.

For the fifth step, make sure to make a content calendar to organize your publishing materials. As for the sixth, giving the influencer their freedom of creating the content is as important as your review and approval of these materials before publishing.

The seventh step is make the best out of the campaign by promoting the posts before and after launching. 

Finally, the last step of this process, measure your results to make sure your campaign performed its best and compare the outcomes with the KPI and goals you set before.

 Tips and Tricks:

1-      Promote with micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are personas with a low number of followers ranging between 1K-200K. Marketers believe these influencers have higher creativity content and generate authentic leads that creates long lasting customers.

2-      Manage your campaign budget to use multiple influencers

Include price and duration of time the influencer is going to promote within in contract, and always negotiate price. Remember, use Evalut to generate reports about the influencer to check their authenticity before approaching them. You only need their Instagram username or profile link and the report will be right in front of you for free in one click!

3-      Use Evalut to measure influencer marketing outcomes

You will need to check if the results are in-line with your goals, Evalut can help you project the outcomes by generating profile and followers statistics reports.

4-      Build relationships

Instead of focusing on a one-time partnership with an influencer, focus on making it a long-term partnership for both paid and organic influencers. Relationships will enhance your business reputation, and increase customer lifetime value.

5-      Always use relative Hashtags

Search for your brand hashtag to see what people might have said about it. Also, hashtags can help generate leads, and reach the targeted audience. 

6-      Offer incentives

Incentives can come in many ways like discount codes, donation to charity, product giveaway, prize draws, etc. To better choose the right incentive, use Evalute to generate a report of followers demographics, as it will make you understand their needs based on their age, gender, and location.

Examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns

FIJI Water

Influencer: Danielle Bernstein

“For $35, Bodyworewhat users can access at-home workout videos featuring Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) and trainer Eric Johnson. When Bernstein posted about getting in shape with Bodyworewhat, an extension of her own brand, her photos also included FIJI water bottles. In dedicated posts, she promoted FIJI by reminding followers about the importance of staying hydrated with a discount code for home delivery.”

Samsung: Note 7 

Influencer: CyreneQ

“The company partnered with CyreneQ, a professional Snapchat artist and designer with a huge subscriber base, to broadcast its launch to a mobile audience that it wanted buying its new product. 

Cyrene used her Snapchat account to document her journey to the event and ultimately give her audience a sneak peak of the new device. Using Snapchat's 10-second video format, she posted clips showing her followers some of the device's new features.”

Dunkin Donuts

Influencer: several nano / micro - influencers

“These Nano-influencers went about their daily routine while holding their favorite coffee drink from a local Dunkin Donuts. Not only did the brand raise awareness with a 5% engagement rate on Instagram, but the Nano-influencer campaigns were among the most significant contributions to a record $300 million in coffee purchases in 2018.”


Influencer: several Pinterest influencers

“Buick recently adopted an influencer strategy on a less-common social platform: Pinterest. Buick turned to a handful of Pinterest influencers in fashion, food, and design. These influencers became participants in Buick’s “Pinboard to Dashboard” contest. The contest asked each influencer to build a pinboard that would spark more color creativity in Buick designs. Influencers published their pinboards and used blogs to narrate their experience. In the end, there were millions of new visitors to Buick’s website and branded social media pages.”

In conclusion..

Every influencer has his or her own way of creativity, and every social media platform has something to offer that isn’t like the other. The key takeaway for you is to know the strategy of choosing the appropriate channel and content that will successfully deliver you end goals.

Munirah AlShuhail

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