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We were first introduced to the Halo Strategy in order to help us organize our research findings. Then we chose to work individually so we could discover as many results as possible. Finally we had an internal group call to summarize our findings in the most appropriate way for submission. 

Halo Strategy Findings: 

The Halo Strategy allows you to identify the gap in the market and what people are searching for. It also helps you anchor a positive reputation by providing services for common customer needs. By using the halo strategy you increase brand loyalty, strengthen the brand image and reputation, and translate into high brand equity. Companies use this strategy to establish themselves as leaders in their industries.

The strategy consisted of three themes; the first theme was hopes and dreams where the most common needs of customers were addressed, like growing long-term customer loyalty, and choosing the right influencer in terms of interest, and reputation. Furthermore, the findings spotted the need of measuring the return on influence by balancing the actual value provided by the influencer with the price they set for their service.

Pain and fears was the second segment, the most common fears of customers not to use an influencer check website, or partner with influencers were that the campaign might not work, tools take too much time to display data, and influencers unknown reputation.

The last segment, which was barriers and uncertainty addressed the main barriers of not making use of the hopes and dreams, like price, analytics and metrics accuracy, and unknown influencers credibility.

Case Study

To help address the usefulness of these findings, imagine Nora. She has her own online specialty coffee website, and a business account on Instagram. Nora has experienced low sales during the coronavirus pandemic and decided to make a marketing campaign with a marketing objective of increasing online sales of coffee beans and brewers. Her friends advised her to partner with an online influencer to make that happen.She fears that her budget might not be sufficient, and she might collaborate with a fraud or an unrelated influencer to market her specialty coffee website, and thereby the campaign will not reach the target audience.Moreover Nora decides to reach out to an influencer marketing agency that uses a Website with high credibility, that can offer influencers within her budget interested in coffee in a short period of time. 


In result of our research and findings we’ve come to conclude that the best services that Evalut can focus on and improve for users at the mean time is providing  insightful metrics of highly credible influencers in a timely manner.

Reem Almagrabi
Munirah AlShuhail

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