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First, we have to conduct competitive research to compete in the market. Based on that we need to conduct research and collect as much information and insight as possible about our competitors to gain a competitive advantage over them. This research helped us to find out what our competitors are doing and how to compare it based on doing a SWOT analysis for Evalut.

List of features findings 

We started the research  through several sources, such as registered for free Trial, searched on Google and looked at their website, according to these sources we made a list of features that helped us to realize what are the most common and not very common features among our competitors and we found that :

SWOT analysis Findings :

SWOT analysis helps us to evaluate a business environment in a detailed manner to take decisions for the future.SWOT analysis consists of internal factors such as weakness and strengths and external factors such as opportunities and threat . the first step to start this analysis is to lists all possible elements base on brainstorming as shown in the table below 


-According to the list of features we can see most of our competitors have common feature provided  such as pricing ,Followers dynamic ,engagement rate and so on .On other hand there are only few competitors who provided feature such Hashtag and Tag 

analysis ,Audience’s location and so on.


-According to this SWOT analysis we can see how internal and external factors could affect on Evalut and by identifying it we will be able to improve our weaknesses , develop our strength , avoid threats and be alert for opportunities.


In conclusion, competitor analysis  is an important step to understand competitors advantages and disadvantages , understand their future strategies and give an idea of what customers are looking for.

Recommendation :

We suggest focus on developing weaknesses and add more features that are not very common and available among our competitors such as Hashtag and Tag analysis in order to provide our customers more features that match their need and make them always choose Evalut .

Mohammad Gari
Nawal Alnashri

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