6 problems of influencer marketing

Influencers are one of the important trends in marketing and they generate great returns on ad spending, but there are some problems that come with influencer marketing that have become apparent and firms have to work with it.  Many firms that already work with influencers or want to work with them in the future and they don’t consider these problems or don’t even think about it as a result of this will have bad experience and it costs them a lot. it doesn’t mean that influencer marketing is difficult or hard to deal with it is simply new thing and there are many firms still working on it However, there are a few problems with influencer marketing that have become apparent in this time, so let’s explore some of them. 

Influencer marketing is expensive 

In the past days influencer marketing was very clear any influencer can create a page and add many content. In the end of the day he got a fairly compensated match up with the work that has been done but nowadays the equation has totally changed, many influencers today become very expensive. They usually do not get less than 30,0000USD a fashion blogger for example who has more than 100,000 followers they approximately demand more than 70,000USD for blog posts or other content. In this case many firms turn to nano and micro influencers that don’t have a lot of followers but they do have dedicated followers who are interested in their content also they are not even expensive they demand too much less for the work they focus on.

Influencer can be controversial

Influencer could be controversial and a main reason why a brand that deals with him is losing a lot of its customers in response to that brands must be careful and aware even if the influencer has lots of fans and lots of followers they could be a negative investment and could be a bad step to be taking. Some examples show how the influencer could cost the brand multi million dollars. For example Disney has dropped someone just because of insensitive joke that cost Disney a lot.

Brands must make sure that they have all right to cut the agreement with controversial and problematic influencers. Most importantly You as brand must understand the influencer and his behavior before continuing the contract with him. Brand should be clear with the influencer and put some guidelines explaining to the influencer what to do and what to not do because at the end of the day the influencer represents the brand and its reputation.

Influence could be a reason of fraudulent  

Influencers could turn to many fraudulent resources to increase the number of followers, comments and interaction on their own pages this totally will affect the brand that works with the influencer and they may not get the result.  The reason that there are many influencers pay too much just to get so many fake followers and there is many studies prove that up to 20% of influencers arrange between 50k to 100k followers made up of fake followers. there are many thing brands can depend on such as the engagement rate you will many of influencer have huge numbers of followers but that don’t match up with the interaction in the page or number of comments in this case.

Brands must make sure to not deal with these types of influencer until they study them more and conduct some research and they must hold influencer accountable for what they just did. Brands can use many tools that could help them to deep dive into influencer and be able to distinguish between those influencers who purchase fake followers and those who are not. 

Find the right influencer 

It is very important to find the perfect influencer who matches up with the brand goal. There are many brands that struggle with this issue and can not find the right ones. Many brands around the world are looking for the perfect influencer to promote their product or service. Brands should select an influencer who has strong engagement that fits very well with the brand. Brands chooses must be based on the engagement rate and target audience not based on the number of followers.

 Focus more in followers than Engagement

Many brands when they are looking for an influencer they focus on the number of followers more than the quality of engagement and interaction that influencer gets from their audience. This is one the most common problems any brand may have and it cost them a lot. To avoid it, brands can rely on some tools that could help them to find out the engagement rate and what if it fits with the number of followers or not. that could help the brands to make sure that their campaign and promotion reach the right audience.

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